2NE1 is up #1 with their new song ‘Try To Be Like Me’ on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 2nd week of February (8th~14th February).
With 2NE1’s sudden appearance as #1 on the chart, So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Oh’ which has been #1 up on the chart for the past 2 weeks goes down 1 position to the #2 spot. And the song ‘Star Star Star’ by So Nyeo Shi Dae which was #4 last week slides down 6 positions to be at #10.
A Monkey3 official said, “2NE1’s strong personality has surpassed the cheerleader concept by the So Nyeo Shi Dae.”
2NE1 also surpassed many strong ballad singers. Min KyungHoon who was from Buzz is #5 on the chart with his solo song ‘Because It Hurts, It is love”, K Will’s new song for SBS drama ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology OST’ rose up 45 positions to be at #6 position. Kim JongKook’s ‘This Person’ also rose up 1 position to take the #8 spot.
The Monkey3 music enterprise team leader Lee JungKyu commented, “We are expecting to see 2NE1 ‘Try To Be Like Me’, release without any preview, continue to gain popularity. And many eyes are on how the showdown between 2NE1 and So Nyeo Shi Dae on the charts will turn out.”
Credits: Kbites

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