The new group B2Y has become a part of a new phenomenon called ‘Age-Difference groups.’

Recently among popular idol groups the members have a huge age difference, creating a new category called ‘age-difference groups’ for ones like them.

B2Y’s leader HanYeon was born in the year of ’83, while the rest of the members Nara, Rika, and JinWoong was born in the year of ’88, creating an age difference of 5 years and gaining a lot of attention and interest towards them.
Other groups with a five-year difference like B2Y is 2NE1(Bom-Dara 1984/ CL 1991, Minji 1994), After School(Gahee 1980/ Becka 1989), Super Junior(Heechul-LeeTeuk 1983, KyuHyun 1988), 2AM(Changmin 1986, Jinwoon 1991), U-Kiss(SooHyun 1989, Dongho 1994). Many of these groups are currently very active in the entertainment world.

Gradually, there was even word saying, ‘In order for a group to succeed, the average age difference between members needs to be 5 years.’

Aside from this, other groups that have joined this category are Paran(Ryan 1983, AJ 1991), Kara(Gyuri-SeungYeon 1988, Ji Young 1994), and older groups such as GOD(Park JunHyung 1969, Kim TaeWoo 1981) and Roora(Lee Sangmin 1973, Kim JiHyun 1972, Chae Rina 1977) are seen as the legendary figures of this age-difference category.

In the 1990s, Wild Chrysanthemum’s Choi SungWon, who took the role of music director, and Yang Byung Jib produced a group called ’16 year difference’ in which members at the time Kim Yong Duk and Kim Yong Soo, two brothers, really had a 16 year age difference.

Unlike the past in which teams were created with members of the same age, the reason there are so many ‘age difference groups’ recently is because the age of debuting singers is getting younger, and the preparation and trainee time for them vary and are long, so age became very diverse among them.

There is also the tactics of these companies in which they create a group with very young members, and place an older one as leader.

Employees in these entertainment companies say that these ‘age difference groups’ have many positive results. Members are able to work together better due to the hierarchy in the group, and they are able to attract fans of a larger scale of age groups.


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Date: October 25,2009

Source: Dong-Ah News

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