In 2009 Kara became a popular "girl group" with the 2nd album [Revolution], gaining popularity with the "butt dance" in the song "Mister." Kara's cute maknae JiYoung, who is now a second year high school student, was nicknamed "Ong Al" and "Ooh Jjoo jjoo" due to her appearance. In a broadcasting, she seems to talk with a sucked-in mouth like a child asking for food, which led to her nickname "ooh jjoo jjoo."

Meeting JiYoung in the latest company DSP media rehearsal, we asked her feelings of 2009, and she answered, "At the time of 'Pretty Girl' and 'Honey,' I was only known as the new member of Kara, but as people saw my performance in 'Wanna' and 'Mister,' my fans and popularity increased. Especially when people danced our "butt dance" throughout the televisions, our popularity grew.

Kara's popularity also increased throughout talent programs and radio shows. With various cable shows like "Kara Bakery" and "Invincible Youth, Idol Show Season 4," Nicole's appearance in premier of "Star Golden Bell," and in other programs like "Joh ah suh (Good)", "Infinity Challenge," and "Intimate Note," they became very famous.

As the male idols comment how JiYoung is going on the "right" direction with her cute and pure image, it seems like she have a potential to appear in other programs like drama and musical.

To conclude, Kara JiYoung states her plan for 2010, "since around mid-February Kara will present a new mini-album, I wish for everyone to give lots of love for us, and since I am now a second year in high school, I will study harder, I will listen to my parents more, and I hope to get along well with all my member unnies. Since I am now one year older, I wish to become more mature... even now I am trying my best to be mature. You will see me as a mature girl, right?" As she babbles about how she does not wish to be treated as a child, one can't help but adore her.

In other various star stories "The Star," 5 star idols who shined 2009 will give 2010 a new year message and a hand-written letters of "Moleskine" ( diaries will be on the event. To participate, go to The Star site and to the event page. Available until February 17th.

Translated: holyknight@KARAholic.
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