All interviews rejected

Having aired on the 25th, KBS 2TV's new program, 'Sunday Night,' finally showed their much anticipated episode featuring Jaebum.

The producers were able to find Jaebum's house in Seattle but failed to catch an interview. They followed Jaebum to a b-boy dance battle near his house and was able to capture him on camera. Unfortunately, as soon as Jaebum discovered the camera, he turned around and left.

The producers continually asked Jaebum for an interview, in which Jaebum replied with nothing other than "I am sorry" and disappeared. He lef a CD with the words "I can't tell you anything. I'm sorry for making you come so far."

Jaebum's younger brother agreed to a short interview with the producers and said "He's doing fine. He's at home." Jaebum's father also said "He's spending a lot of time at home, and I no longer want my child to become such an issue," rejecting our interview.

The producers also went to Jaebum's church and met with Kim Byungkyu, in which he stated "He's an innocent child. He knows to honor his parents and has great relationships with everyone. I think it's because of issues such as mandatory military service and the fact that he's living a life different from the average man that they reacted so harshly to his statements."

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