2AM (Lee Changmin, Jung Jinwoon, Im Seulong, Jo Kwon) members will dress up as F4.

Lee Changmin, Jung Jinwoon, Im Seulong, these three 2AM members, after MBC’Sunday Sunday Night’ (Sunday Night)’s ‘Oppa Band’ and ‘No Da Ji’, will be on the modified program ‘Sunday Night Drama Parody Theatre’ as the Pretty boy F4 in November.

It’s probable that Jokwon, who is receiving love from fans for his ‘Liveliness’, will not be a Pretty boy but another part. About this, the producer hinted that, “Jokwon has more lines than the other members”.

‘Sunday Night Drama Parody Theatre’ has been a corner that has parodied many popular dramas such MBC ‘Queen of Wife support’ and SBS ‘Wife’s Temptation’ ‘Shining Inheritance’ and others, and at the end parodied the drama ‘Queen Sun Deok’ and brought about a lot of fun.

And with the entrance of the F4 from the popular drama caused a riot KSB 2TV ‘Boys over Flowers’, to gain the love of the viewers all the popular drams are moving out.

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2AM Becomes F4, 'Sunday Night'

2AM's Lee Changmin, Jung Jinwoon, Lim Seulong, and Jo Kwon will become F4.

After the disband of 'Nodaji' and 'Oppa Band' on MBC's Sunday Sunday Night, November will bring forth a new program called 'Sunday Night Drama Parody Theatre' in which the 2AM members will present their F4 acting skills.

Jo Kwon will not play the role of a flower boy but as someone else. The producers have revealed "Jo Kwon will instead have a lot more lines."

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