Mason Moon: Nichkhun lookalike, "There is a second younger brother!"

Movie actor, Mason Moon (Mason Moon Moorhouse) has some good news.

On September 25, Mason Moon’s mother wrote on his Cyworld, "I hope the growing Maiden (baby’s name) in your mother’s womb will be born healthy!” She posted this announcement with a sonogram picture.

Mason Moon has a younger middle brother, Mavin Moon, who looks exactly like him. He will become the middle child. The 2nd younger brother is yet to be born, but his name has been chosen to be Mavin.

Meanwhile, the news has netizens saying, "Since Mavin looks exactly like Mason, expectations are high for Maiden." The interest is high.

In addition, there are a lot of topics about how the child star, Mason Moon, has a similar face to the idol group 2PM member, Nichkhun. (Other 2PM members names were listed but unrelated to the sentence.)

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