2PM Fans Strengthen Boycott

After finding out that 2PM has filed an advertisement without Park Jaebum, 2PM fans have stated that they "refuse to accept it" and that "All related items will be boycotted."

After Jaebum's leave, it has been revealed that 2PM has filmed an advert for a food product for a family restaurant type company.

2PM fans have created a hot issue on the boards and their own blogs, stating a definite boycott. They have been making comments such as "It's only natural that these products are being boycotted without Jaebum" and "I was a huge fan of this product but I can't bring myself to purchase anything of it without Jaebum."

In contrast, some fans have revealed the opposite, claiming that these activities will only hinder Park Jaebum from returning. "2PM must be successful as 6 members in order for Jaebum to return. If we boycott all 2PM activities, what is left for Jaebum to return to?"

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