Politician Heo backlashes against media's witch hunting

After a misinformed documentary was revealed about popular politician Heo Kyungyoung, he has taken a step forward amidst the controversy and has taken the opportunity to speak out against the media and their companies for their currently ill ways of reporting.

"PD's and the various individuals along with public broadcasting companies such as SBS involved in mainstream media must take responsibility for their actions. We must work to get rid of their witch hunting and mob mentality and irresponsible press releases that were involved with 2PM's Park Jaebum that is not only biased and unfair but also ruined the lives of those involved."

Source : CBS , http://www.2oneday.com/forum/index.php?s=b33d3314cf5b9aabcfc917fef692e3ce&showtopic=10222
Credits to : hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY (TRANS)
2pmPark jaebeom

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