With the return of a few of 2PM members' activities, the spotlight on them is growing bigger. After the 'Jaebum Incident,' the members have kept quiet for over a month until the return of Wooyoung and Taecyeon on Inkigayo.

Having taken over the first half of this year with 'Again & Again' and 'I Hate You,' 2PM was well on their way to becoming the best idol group of the year. With their musclar bodies and beastly idol image, nothing could have possibly stopped them.

Unfortunately, they were met with dilemma and hardship with Jaebum's anti-Korea comments made during his trainee years. Eventually, he left the group on the 8th and headed off to America.

With this incident, the rest of the 2PM members immediately halted their activities as MC's and as panelists on various shows. A main panelist on SBS 'Star King,' NichKhun left the show along with Wooyoung and Taecyeon leaving Inkigayo. The decision was made due to the psychological impact of Jaebum's leave.

However, the scene is slowly changing.

Wooyoung and Taecyeon returned to Inkigayo and gave a heartfelt message to fans regarding their return. But with their return leads fans and viewers alike to question whether 2PM will now continue their activities once more.

As if it's coincidence, an 'Infinity Challenge' episode featuring Jaebum will also air this month, strengthening the spotlight on 2PM.

Even with the return of a few 2PM members to the TV screen, JYPE remains silent.

On the 19th, they stated "The only ones returning will be Taecyeon and Wooyoung for Inkigayo. The rest of the members will not appear on variety shows. The rest of the 2PM members are currently focusing hard on singing and dance training. The new album is not finalized yet."

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