2PM fans have organized a second flashmob for Jaebum's return.

2PM Fan union Underground have stated that they have organized a 'time stop' flashmob on the 18th
in front of Seoul MyungDong's Migliore shopping center. This is the second flashmob following the dance
flashmob held in September.

A total of 107 participants were in the flashmob on that day, and they have prepared the slogan
"Without you, Jaebum, it feels like the time has stopped", which expressed their longing for Jaebum.

This time stop flashmob has been also going on all over the world including U.S., Canada, France, Germany,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, etc. Fans from a total of 11countries and 17 regions have participated
in these flashmobs bringing about a lot of attention. The video of the flashmob that took place in Myungdong will be released
on the 20th at 2pm.

Previously, fans have held a bazaar during the 6 member 2PM's first official stage at Dream Concert, expressing
their boycott and their desire for Jaebum's return.

Park Jay bum had resigned from the group and left Korea in the previous month after the myspace comment incident.

Source : edailySPN , http://www.2oneday.com/forum/index.php?s=b33d3314cf5b9aabcfc917fef692e3ce&showtopic=10224
Credits to : saradah@2oneday (trans)
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