“Last night.. suddenly I thought! When we debuted it was hard and we had to wear face packs, but these days it’s quite leisurely and it’s been a while since the members put on the packs together. We put them in the refrigerator for a while and they will soon be ready for you! And so…Ddoodoong!”

“I want to go to sleep early..when I put it in the freezer for a while I had a thought… I started the series and time flew by! And then…I quickly took the packs out…it was a thin sheet of ice-_-?? Oh my god, it’s too cold!!! However, there’s no more..?”

“The young member took another of my good packs and put it on her face-_-? After I piut the pack on, I had had enough and wanted to take it off! Eye…brows…they’re frozen_-_????Aigoo I’m sorry! I’m sorry unni!? I see your features have fallen down maknae? And yes it the pack was done safely without mishap!!!^.^V”

Credit: Me2day + aa-chan

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