Even though we got used to seeing LEDApple‘s Hanbyul covering some popular songs, on this week’s ‘Music Note‘ members Young Jun, Gwang Yeon and Hyo Seok prepared their own version of T Square‘s ‘Praise‘ and they are as good as Hanbyul!

The whole group has been releasing covers of popular pop songs for the past 31 weeks and they have already covered such songs as Bruno Mars’Talking to the Moon,’ 2NE1′s ‘Go Away,’ BIG BANG’s ‘Love Song,’ SHINee’s ‘Sherlock,’ PSY‘s ‘Gentleman’ and much more.

LEDApple is planning to release 50 covers, 1 each week, through their official YouTube channel. The profits made with this cover will be donated to the international organisation that protect Children’s Rights, ‘Save The Children.’

Check out the cover below



Source: steroyal YouTube

Article by: Karolina

Edited by: KareBare

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