Kim Gu Ra speaks the mind of netizens and fans alike when he made a blunt comment on ‘Radio Star‘!

Sulli and fellow f(x) member Krystal were guests on the August 21st episode, where Sulli was invited to talk about the female idols she found prettiest. For first place she chose labelmate Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, and chose soloist IU as second place.

Kim Gu Ra immediately mentioned, “Isn’t the relationship between IU and SM bad?” to which SM artists on set including the two f(x) members and MC Kyuhyun, quickly laughed off.

Kyuhyun revealed, “It’s not that she has a bad relationship with SM,” so Kim Gu Ra shot back humorously, “Ah, it’s that she has a bad relationship with Super Junior.”


Source: allkpop

Article by: Emily

Edited by: Karolina

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