Before she was one of the biggest stars in Korea, Jun Ji Hyun was just a younger sister who tattled on Jang Hyuk.

On August 8th, Jang Hyuk appeared on MBC’s ‘Kneedrop Guru’, sharing his experiences as an actor.

Talking about actresses that he’s worked in the past, Jang Hyuk brought up Jun Ji Hyun, who was in the same agency as he was back in the day. Because he was in college and she was only in high school, Jang Hyuk explained that Jun Ji Hyun only felt like a little sister to him.

He added that he actually had to break up with a girl he met on a blind date because of Jun Ji Hyun.

I met that girlfriend during a time when I was going around doing auditions and I really liked her,” explained Jang Hyuk. “I was going to the movies with her when we ran into Jun Ji Hyun. It turns out the theater was close to her high school.”

“I called Jun Ji Hyun up later, asking her not to tell the company.

But Jun Ji Hyun went ahead and tattled on Jang Hyuk, ending his relationship.

The company asked me when I had time to meet a girl when I should be auditioning,” said Jang Hyuk. “So [the relationship] didn’t work out.



Source: mwave

Article by: Mana

Edited by: Karolina

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