Already! The end of 2014 has come. It is sad that a year has passed so fast, but do not be too sad since we have BTS’s Season Greetings! Today’s STARCAST is decorated with B cuts of Season Greetings which start presale from November 14th. Shall we then start with JIMIN’s shy greeting?

JIMIN “Hello, this is JIMIN. Shy shy~”

JIMIN “You have come to take photos of us? Surprised surprised”

JIMIN “Now, come in~ Polite polite”

We first shot test cuts before the real shooting, but JUNG KOOK’s life shot got created in the test cut. However, his individual cut may be only seen through STARCAST. Please see them a lot as much as it is sad~

JUNG KOOK “18-year-old’s fluffiness is such like this!”

This is JUNG KOOK shooting by lying comfortably on the bed. He showed his small dream of living in a room with red colors given as points by putting in big white beds in it like this.

JUNG KOOK “Obba has lay down on a bed now”

JUNG KOOK “Oh no! RAP MONSTER has invaded in my bed~”

RAP MONSTER “Do you have problems with me lying down?”

JUNG KOOK “No,, no,, no, Bro let’s lie down together~”

Welcome, black-hair SUGA! SUGA, who has changed his hair color in black in a long time, smells of strange scent~ He’s really like a white sugar since he wears a white T-shirt with his fair skin.

SUGA “Shoots sweet smile like sugar!”

SUGA “Ahaha, behaving cute is shy”

J-HOPE matched white T-shirt on jeans with SUGA. He started to behave modestly although he had always shown dynamic postures usually.

J-HOPE “Today I’m pure-HOPE”

J-HOPE “Guy that matches well with jeans♬”

The studio’s puppy ran to V and sat on his knees right after the shooting of V and JIN started.

V “My charm which also attracts puppy, haha”

JIN “V, stop talking about your charm~”

JIN “JIN who is really pure today”

V “I’ve become pure like you JIN~”

JIMIN is shooting with hugging a cushion alone. He approached the studio’s puppy, but he got rejected heartlessly. The puppy had thrown himself to V after coming… “(<Screening Humanity> BGM) JIMIN tries to turn the puppy’s mind even today”

JIMIN “One sunny day~”

JIMIN “Is it just a feeling that he looks lonely?”

JIMIN “It’s a vain attempt although he tries to win the love unilaterally♬ (Among lyrics)”

JIMIN, puppy “We’re parallel lines, we look at the same place but we’re very different♬ (Among lyrics)”

7 boys have united! Are they those same boys that showed charisma upon stage? They have pretty smiles like the autumn colors today.

Today’s STARCAST finishes here. (Oh, guys, you must not get confused. This is just a B cut. The Season Greetings which contains the best cut will… we only say it until here.) Let’s meet through the next episode~

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