A handsome guy appeared in a bakery on weekend! We found an attractive guy among crowds. He was the eldest of BTS, JIN!

JIN “Milky-white skin than the bread”

JIN “At a bakery… How can he be so handsome?!”

JIN “A guy holding bread~♬”

[‘War of Hormone’ concept photo shoot in Itaewon!]
When we followed JIN in to the mart. What is this situation? We could see bad guys lying down on the floor.

SUGA “I’ve slowed up… I must take a nap..”

V “RAP MONSTER… Shopping is too hard…”

JUNG KOOK “The washing machine is working well~♬”

BTS were found here and there in Itaewon. We wondered what they were doing, but they were shooting the concept photo of their next song ‘War of Hormone’. They shot pictures excitingly by walking around Itaewon Street by escaping from the stuffy studio.

SUGA “Since I need some sugar, supplementing ‘sugar’ with fresh cream!”

V “Elder members told me to buy something.. What was it? Thinking intently”

V “Oh… Never mind.. I don’t have any thoughts”

V “Mart is like my home~ Let’s go on after taking a break”

We encountered JIMIN who was preparing to show his cute charms when we came out to the parking lot.

JIMIN “This area’s charming person is me!”
RAP MONSTER that had changed his hair to fresh pink color at the opposite side of JIMIN was preparing. BTS’s white brothers, SUGA and JIN’s unit shooting also continued.
RAP MONSTER “I say my greetings for the first time. I’m Pink MON”
JIN “SUGA, do you need sugar again?”
J-HOPE who is always cheerful is shooting having bright smile on his face today too.
J-HOPE “Hello, hello, today’s a hopeful day too”
J-HOPE “I was a juvenile delinquent before”
J-HOPE “MiMi, didn’t I tell you both to be friendly with each other?!”
JUNG KOOK and V submitted to the doll drawing machine they found on the streets! They wrestled with the machine for a while like a child!
V “JUNG KOOK, shall we play drawing a doll?”
JUNG KOOK “V~, I want that one~”
V “I wanted to get that really~~”
[‘War of Hormone’ MV shooting in Yangpyeong]
Next day, boys that had great back line appeared at the English Village in Yangpyeong. They shot MV of ‘War of Hormone’ at this place where leaves had turned red.
Bicycles were prepared as props. They all got busy riding bicycles in break time.
“Beep beep, Watch out your way. BTS is coming, Beeeeep♬”
JIMIN who rode a great bicycle that looked like a motorcycle got closer to JIN and boasted about it. However, he lost the bicycle to JIN in an instant. ㅠㅠ
JIMIN “I can go anywhere if I have a bicycle and two feet”
JIMIN “JIN, how do you think about my bicycle? Isn’t it great?”
JIN “JIMIN’s bicycle is mine. Bicycle is mine and JIMIN is also mine~”
[‘War of Hormone’s lyric! Saying it with body language~]
1. What is the lyric which RAP MONSTER tried to express? (Difficulty level: low)
① Thank you for existing ② My body which twists in front of you ③ I’m OK if it’s you
2. What is the lyric which JIMIN tried to express? (Difficulty level: low)
① The front and back lines are all the best ② I’m 18 so I know things too ③ Please call me, I will buy meal for you
3. What is the lyric which JIN tried to express? (Difficulty level: low)
① Although it’s not mine, you’re the best ② Ladies all wear see-through look ③ This is present for you
4. What is the lyric which J-HOPE tried to express? (Difficulty level: moderate)
① You’re so beautiful ② You’re the best from head to toe ③ I always keep my seat in front of the computer
5. What is the lyric which JUNG KOOK tried to express? (Difficulty level: moderate)
① Thank you! Clear my sight! ② I’m 18 so I know things too ③ Tell me what you want right now
6. What is the lyric which SUGA tried to express? (Difficulty level: high)
① I don’t have interest in girls that I play once ② I’m sweating and debilitating for no reason ③ I investigate about you since your existence is a penalty
7. What is the lyric which V tried to express? (Difficulty level: The hardest in space)
① You’re the best from head to toe ② But I learn from you ③ Lady is the best present
Spinoff: What is the lyric which JIMIN tried to express? (Difficulty level: High)
① La la la la la la la la la ② So beautiful ③ Hello hello
* Answers: 1. ② / 2. ① / 3. ② / 4. ③ / 5. ② / 6. ① / 7. ? / Spinoff. ② *
♬ Front and back lines are all the best. You’re the best from head to toe♬
(Partial lyric of ‘War of Hormone’) BTS’s next activity of their next song is started. Please love ‘War of Hormone’ which has cool feeling even from the title.
[STARCAST – Comment event for celebrating BTS ‘War of Hormone’ activity!]
The 7th question! What is the lyric which V tried to express? Please leave the answer by writing comments! We give out BTS’s Polaroid picture by drawing out 3 people from those who got the answer right! (It’s a question which people that understands V’s four-dimensional world may get it right. The difficulty level is the hardest in space!)
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