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Hello. This is DSP media
For the signing event in Daegu, due to congestion in the store, the CD will arrive in stores one the 28th, is expected to get worried by phone line
The following details how to participate.

Date: Sat, May 29th, 2010 19:00

Venue: Daegu ypbooks  TEL: 053-428-6700

How to participate: SS501 ‘mini-album Destination [Special Edition]‘ buyer
May 27 from 10 am to open the phone line reservations TEL: 053-428-6700
(Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)

Upon the CD arrival in the store will contact the individual from Reservation line on 5/28

Come to Daegu ypbooks after buying the CD for signing application!

Lottery to announce: Fri 05/28 after 22:00 will be sending individual SMS (Lottery announcement may be delayed depending on circumstances.)
1. Every signing number is according to arrival time, 1 person per ticket (Signing day a person can only join one time, and not duplicate.)
2. This CD is purchased as part signings.  Exchanges and refunds will be made.
3. People who received a number of signings, please come 1 hour before the start of signing your autograph, colored bracelets (1 of 5 color Randomly) will be distributed to wear under the guidance of the staff positions will continue. (Color Bracelet have 100 each by color)
Members will have two color drawn —-> 1-50 people (First drawn), 51-100 people (Second drawn) will be conducted at random.
5. The signing is subject to a partial cancellation or may be delayed without prior notice.
※ Today (26/05) the phone line booking received without prior consultation in Daegu ypbooks.
The reservation is invalid because of today’s advanced information without prior consultation
Reservations phone line will be valid for tomorrow 05/27 at 10 AM .
I hope you can be benefited without being an error,

Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

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