Time really flies� from trainees� Hotblood days, �debut till 2PM now.http://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=7520410990410517317 All of us have known one another for 3-5 years. Still remember the first time we met you. You�'re completely an American who doesn'�t know how to speak in Korean. Even now, your Korean is not that good. I believe you can do your best, right? Leader Hyung.

TAEC: �Jay hyung! keke! I know you just don�t like us stop calling you �hyung.� Okay. Today I'�ll call you hyung more. In the past you just hate Hangul but I know you�'re trying your best now. Yes, I see you everyday but I just can'�t express what I wanted to tell you. Heh heh that�'s why I have decided to tell you here instead. Happy birthday Jay baby! A year older too! but I still love you! Stop acting cool and strong when you�'re not at times. But I can feel your sadness, just that you just don�t share with any of us. Please stop it! Share with us! With me?�

KHUN: �Jay baby ~~~ lalala my baby~~hey stop acting strong! I�'m glad to know you. Probably your English is better than your Korean lol that'�s why I can understand you better. Let�s study Hangul, and I hope one day you can surpass me haha. Thanks for being such a great leader and helped us when we needed to. Please can we help each other? We love you!�

WOOYOUNG: �Hey hey hey yo! My birthday�'s coming but I�m still younger than you (cheeky smiles) you�re sleeping on your bed now. I�'m jealous� Why? I�'m tired but I just want you to be happy and who don�t love our mighty Jay? I�'m going to join with you soon.

JUNHO: �I envy you. You�'re so confident in your work. I�'ve never seen you give up. Why are you so confident? Because of you, I�'m getting stronger now. When I told you I�'ve never slept on the bed before, without a word, you let me sleep in your big bed. You�'re so kind and a great leader.I respect and love you hyung.�

JUNSU: �Hey man! I�m trying to improve my English. What can I say about you, hyung? Your talented, charismatic and so much more. I like to sing with you again soon. How�'s your sleep now? Thumbs up, you�'re great!�

CHANSUNG: �I like to play with hyung. No one wants to play with me but it�s really nice to play with you. You may sound angry sometimes but I know you are not serious. (laughs) Thanks hyung for so much. I love you hyunnie! May you dream us in your dreams now! Happy birthday.

2pmPark jaebeom

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