JaeBum’s current situation after 2 months has been revealed.

On the first episode of KBS ‘Sunday Night’, the show has met up with JaeBum who is currently in America after leaving group 2PM and Korea following his MySpace controversies.

What was special on the episode was that fans got to see JaeBum after the 2 months where he did not show his face. JaeBum was seen at a dance battle in Seattle. The dance was similar to that when he was promoting in Korea, and JaeBum has sought for familiarity there at the dance battle. He was seen at ease.

After failing to get an interview with JaeBum, the production team tried to get JaeBum again. And when JaeBum discovered the camera, he had seemed nervous, and left the venue. When asked questions by the production team, JaeBum would decline by saying “Sorry”.

The next day, JaeBum left a 2PM CD with the message saying, “I can’t speak a word. So sorry to have you come down from so far away.”

Meanwhile, the production team got to know that JaeBum has been doing well in Seattle. JaeBum’s younger sibling said, “He is doing well. He is spending time at home.”

JaeBum’s father said, “He’s doing well. There is not much issues raised by our child.”

Also, a priest at the church which JaeBum attends regularly recall, “He is a very gentle child. He is a child who knows how to respect his parents and have good relationships with othe member. I see that the Korean society is still sensitive to the American Koreans 2nd generation from the responses I see. For example there is a problem in the military where people will say, ‘You live a special life in the States, we live in our narrow country’, people can be still very sensitive about it.”

JaeBum’s high school teacher also revealed, “When JaeBum first reached Korea, it was tough for him. The food was not right for him, and there was no one for him.” explaining the reasons to JaeBum’s MySpace messages back then.

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