On October 14th, former X1 members KIM WOOSEOK and LEE EUNSANG released the MV for their collaboration single, ‘Memories’. Check it out down below!


The track’s lyrics describe always being in someone’s memory. They will no matter what, be forever with them. Instrumentally, it is a pleasant track with clicks and a drum beat leading up to a chorus that has an uplifting feel of looking back at happy times. Light vocals aid in creating for a satisfying listen.

Observing the MV, we see the duo in separate areas before coming together to enjoy each others’ company. With Wooseok in a forest and Eunsang walking along the shores of a beach, the natural lighting compliments the relatively minimal beginning and showcases the two members’ clean visuals. As the two meet in the courtyard of a building, they touch their palms with one another before meeting running out. Carefree, the two go into another building eventually reaching the rooftop to enjoy the sunset. Smiling and content being together , the MV comes to a close.

With the duo coming from different agencies (Top Media and Brand New Music respectively), this collaboration single is a welcome to fans of the now disbanded boy group, X1 with which both members were in. With the two now pursuing solo activities, we hope they will remain successful and hope for more interactions and releases.

KIM WOOSEOK and LEE EUNSANG‘s single ‘Memories’, is available now.

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