Nam Yongshin (Choreographer for Again & Again and Heartbeat) also appeared as a guest. The MC asked "When you think of dance, which member do you think of first?" He quickly avoided the question by saying nobody.

Kim Seungwoo (Win Win MC) explained beforehand that the reason
the Jaebum 'best replies' were not chosen was because it did not fit with the direction the program wanted to go in.

Before the recording, Kim Seungwoo made it very clear and
was adamant about the boys not talking about Jaebum.

Seulong was the one that talked about Jaebum.

The question was "What is most precious to 2AM?" Seulong responded by saying,
"All of the members, including Jaebum." The MC's face expression suddenly turned dark and the rest of the members flinched.

One of the staffs spoke up and said, "Let's try this again."

Eventually, Seulong's "Including Jaebum" statement was changed to
"All of 2AM and 2PM."

Basically, all of the media play saying that the show might feature the boys talking about Jaebum was a fluke. Please don't be swayed by the media play.


-Omitted Parts-

And lastly, Jaebum...
After the Jaebum controversy, this is the first talk show for the children. They laughed, they were bored, they were amazed, and sometimes even dozed off. In the midst of all that,
there was no story about Jaebum.

Kim Seungwoo asked the boys twice, requesting that there be no talk about Jaebum as it does not fit with what the program originally planned.

And an extra account that I just remembered. It was the highlight of my day. The Win Win camera director was focusing on recording when all of a sudden he screams, "Who is that? Is that person a boy? Wasn't she a girl?!"

He even called the FD to double check.

"Who is that... That.. kid behind Taecyeon. Girl or boy?"

The people sitting around me looked at the camera to check and we all fell back in laughter.

The member that the camera director was pointing at with his camera... the member that was caught with a oneshot, smiling brightly...

.... was Kkap Kwon!

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*LOL at JoKwon mistaken as a girl ^^
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