SNSD's popularity is really high too among office workers!

There is a survey carried out recently on "Your favourite groups" among 1239 male and female office workers.63.3 percent on male workers voted for SNSD while 35.7 percent of female workers voted for 2PM.

SNSD who won without any controversy has high popularity among samchon workers too.They received 56.3percent of the total number of workers who are older than 4o years old.Besides,they also received 47.5 percent and 38.7 percent of votes from those who are in the twenties and thirties.

In total,SNSD received 46.1 percent of votes from male and female workers.KARA with 30.2 precent,follwed by Brown Eyed Girls,2NE1 and Big Bang!

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News
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