KBS' new show "Invincible Youth" that involved members of popular girls group topped the ratings the premiere of the show on 23rd October,once again this show the affection of Girls' power.

Accoring to AGB's record,the newly premiered "Invincible Youth" gained ratings as high as 9.8 percent which is higher than the other shows of MBC and SBS.

In the first episode of "Invincible Youth" aired yesterday,before the girls went to the farming village,all the girls revealed their pure look without any make-up,they did that so that the distance between them and the villagers will be closer,they want to get closer to the old people there with granddaughter image,they also had some performance on the show.

Kim Tae Woo who had exprerienced the life in army made a simple toilet for members who don't get used to the toilet there,his kindness has won him a lot of praising.

"Invincible Youth" has obtained such a good ratings since its premiere,what kind of girls power will the show in the future?People are really expecting!

Translation: Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

For those who haven't watched the 1st episode,please watch here!

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