2AM's maknae expained about the love triangle incident involving KARA's members Nicole and Hara!

Jin Woon made good use of the opportunity when he appeared on SBS ETV's "Idol Maknae Rebellion" to clarify his relationship with Kara's members.The show will be aired on 7th November.

The rumours started when Nicole shared a story on SBS Stong Heart saying that she has dated a male celebrity before,but the male celebrity had meal with Hara with the reason that he is having meal with his staff.Jin Woo was really frusfrated with the rumours saying that he is the male celebrity mentioned.

When MC Yoo Saewoon asked Jin Woon whether he is the person Nicole mentioned,he confidently denied it and said that although he is close to Nicole,but they are still not in that kind of relationship,furthermore,he is not the person Nicole mentioned.

It's such a cute incident,Jin Woon has to suffer just because a story told by Nicole

Video showing close relationship between members of 2AM and KARA!
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