4minute already arrived in the Philippines yesterday and before the mall tour shows, the girls first had their press conference held at Edsa Shangri-la. Check out the pictures here:

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And also a video from the press conference:


The post doesn't end there yet! (LOL).

Today is the first day of their mall tour and first stop, Mall Of Asia!
I know 4minute didn't expect the crowd that was waiting for them but i tell you guys me too i didn't expect the fans who came.
I even saw an ajuhmma cheering for the girls, some were even just passerby and got curious and watch the show too and also some Koreans that study and resides in the Philippines came to watch the girls but mostly 4nia came to support and cheer the girls for their first ever mall tour in the Philippines .

It was so cool as the girls sang and danced to Hot Issue, Muzik, What A Girl Wants, Anjulle and also they did Stick wit U by PCD. The show was even cuter when the girls keeps on making a heart shape for every one! Want to see the videos? Here they are!

NOTE: These are just fancams and some videos have poor audio. Sorry for that. :|






So you think that was all? Not yet guys! Remember 4minute is going to stay in the Philippines for 5 days. Two days already passed by and second on their itinerary is in SM Megamall. Don't forget to buy their album at the venue itself cause you will have the chance to have your poster autograph signed and you can see them up-close! See you there!!!

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