Firstly,we have built fanpages for f(x) and U Kiss recently,hopefully you guys will be a fan on both fanpages,your kindness is highly appreciated!

Be a fan of Rainbow HERE

Be a fan of f(x) HERE

Be a fan of U Kiss HERE

Besides,we need some new authors and contributors to join us as many of our staff here are facing exams soon,so i am afraid that the active members here will not be able to handle posting and studying at the same time,we need 2 new staff that can post between the time range of 12PM Kst - 6PM Kst!

Some of the conditions required:

1)You can online for long time daily!
2)You have a blogger acount!
3)You must know the way of posting using blogger.
4)Great command of english.
5)Sufficient knowledge about K Pop.

Some of the format of posting!
1) Must label (exp:[NEWS],[Pictures] & [Videos] in front of title)
2)Every post must have a photo
3)At least 30 words for each post
4)No posting of rumours!

The most important thing is you must have a blog before,post your name,your blog's url and the way of contacting on the comment box below,hope that you will join our big family soon!
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