Between October 13th and 14th, boy group D-CRUNCH released two MV teasers for their new title track, ‘Across The Universe’. The song will come off the group’s 3rd mini album of the same name. Check the teasers out down below!


In the first teaser, we see black flag being swung around with the Chinese character to mean ‘fly’ inscribed on it. The group moves on performing in white suits as we get a sneak peek of the choreography. They dance intensely on sand to a strong synth and drum beat as we see solo shots of each member. It ends charismatically with the members standing together, finishing the routine.

Moving on to the second teaser, there is more variety within the sets for the music video. There is a yellow outdoor area with plants and tables as the members also dressed in black and mustard tones. Furthermore, there is a midnight blue set with lights in the background that shift between a navy blue and magenta in a grid-like pattern. Here the members wear cooler hues of black and blue. Once again, there are quick clips of the choreography before the video finishes with the members behind the blue set, now holding a sparkly black flag.

This comeback marks their return in approximately five months since their previous single, ‘Pierrot’ released back in May. Member Hyunwoo is currently sitting out of promotions due to ongoing back injures, hence this comeback will only contain eight members.

D-CRUNCH‘s 3rd mini album, ‘Across The Universe’ featuring the same named title track, will be released on October 20th, 6PM KST!

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