Performing Twins with the Cutie Honey hairstyle

It’s really….
The pictures are actually very well taken (-┏)
That’s why I’m on a diet
The forgotten jawline has been rediscovered

Now, I’ve lost 5Kg

Me: I want to make a video on dieting

Manager Hyung : (⊙ _ ⊙ㆀ) What’s wrong with you again ;;

Me: Lost 5Kg in a week~ I’ve now slimmed down from a double chin to single chin

Since my room is a bit far from Teukie’s room, I’d only bumped into him yesterday after a long time..

Teuk : Ya! Why did you become like this !! Don’t go overboard with slimming down;;

Me: I want to be as slim as I am in the past ㅡㅡ Now, I’m only a pig that is acting

Teuk: You’re really intense;; Even though it’s already understandable when you quit drinking and smoking;;

At the moment, Heebum’s also dieting with me.

Source: Heenim’s Cy.
Translated by: Cinderella @
May be taken out with full credits and do not add in yours!
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