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091108 Radio Translations
- DJ Onew & Key
pre-recorded earlier on 091101

Onew and Key first introduced f(x)'s 'Lachata' and then they started to talk about Sulli.

Key then said he really could not imagine that Sulli looks like how she looks now after debut, because Sulli is a 94-er, she was still in Grade 5/ Primary 5 when Key entered the company.

Onew agreed and said that Taemin was only Grade 6/ Primary 6 then.

Key said that Sulli has grown really tall now, and has become more feminine. "I remembered when I first got into the company, she even said that she's my sunbae and ordered me to go to the first floor to get the keys for her"

Onew laughed after hearing that .

Key also added that "It's really cute. You can all imagine it, an Elementary Grade 5 kid telling a Junior High School student who is 3 years older 'I am your sunbae, you go to the first floor and get the keys here for me.' "

Source: greentealatte @ baidu
Translations: atlantis-x

Eeteuk's Cyworld Update on 091108

2009.11.08 일 20:42

.. Helped to complete the performance together with our family.. ^^

..Do not listen to words from elsewhere..

..Our family... Because the SHINee dongsengs won first, we celebrated together..^^

..Was also nervous too..kekeke

..Yesterday I was!!! But we could smile together right^^

..Get your act together, get well quickly!!..

..Jonghyun~ Key~ Minho~ Taemin!~~!!! Really very handsome!!!!^^/

Source: 我的sujr·我的团
Translations: atlantis-x

Source: Soompi

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