2009.10.25 01:48
Title: ..365 days..

..365 days.. 1 year..

..October 25th..

..1 year had passed..

..The me that is smiling in the photo.. is really blissful..

..Till now, it felt like as though it was yesterday.. It's already been 1 year.. Already.. Time passes so quickly..

..within this period, I grew 1 year older.. this period, I have also gained 1kg..

..I even have the ability to think carefully..

..And also the ability to endure..


..My heart is still like that..still the same throughout..

..If time can stop for a day..

..Or...........(I am) afraid that time can only slow down a little

haha, i realise teukie like to reflect a lot. Is that good or bad? :)

Credit: Korean to Chinese: jsholic.com
Chinese to English: Existence & ★_Excentrique @ SJ-World.net
ting18♥ @ daily kpop news

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