Crayon Pop‘s agency, Chrome Entertainment, and Sony Music Entertainment Korea signed on a strategic partnership and an album licensing agreement for Crayon Pop’s domestic and overseas activities.

Sony Music stated, “This past July, Sony Music Entertainment’s high-ranking officials visited Korea to directly observe the K-pop scene and met up with Crayon Pop. They were impressed by their different concept and creativity, and determined them as artists and content that can sell in global markets.”

Chrome Entertainment’s CEO, Hwang Hyun Chang, stated, “We think that the cooperation with worldwide music agency Sony Music is a great opportunity for Crayon Pop’s growth, and we highly anticipate the results.”

Sony Music Entertainment Korea is the label of Yiruma, Tim, Park Jong Ho, Kim Bo Kyung, and Shayne. The agency will utilize Sony Music Entertainment’s global network for the advancement of Crayon Pop’s domestic and overseas activities. Meanwhile, Crayon Pop is currently working on starting another dance craze with their follow-up track to be released this September.



Source: allkpop

Article by: Mana

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