SHINee‘s Key posted a 15 second video on Instagram of him making Mac&Cheese!

He wrote, “let me make mac&cheese for you my freaks<3.” He shows us the steps of making this simple dish.

He starts off with showing us all the ingredients; butter, flour, and pasta noodles. Key makes a sound effect ‘Ehrr’, then shows a different shot of just the Mickey Mouse pasta noodles with a ‘Ehrr‘. He cuts the stick of butter and repeats the noise. He puts the butter in the pan and melts it with the flour making rue, not forgetting to add his ‘Ehrr‘. He’s almost done now! The diva then shows us what kind of pasta noodles he were to use and shows us the completed dish.

Do you guys want to try Key’s meal?


Source: YouTube

Article by: Mana

Edited by: Karolina

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