After B.A.P‘s latest single “BADMAN” was released, Shinhwa fans took notice of the similarities in the melodies between “BADMAN” and Shinhwa’s 2008 song “We Can Get It On.

The pre-chorus and the chorus of the two songs sound similar, and Shinhwa fans quickly rose to action, demanding some kind of action be taken for the songs. They emphasized that they weren’t blaming B.A.P, but rather wanted the composers and producers of “BADMAN” to take responsibility. The similar songs have angered Shinhwa fans even more because “We Can Get It On” is member Eric‘s self-composed and self-produced song from their 10th anniversary album ‘Volume 9.’

Not too long ago, Shinhwa fans also noticed when “No Mercy” came out that the chorus was similar to Shinhwa’s “Young Gunz”.

Listen to the comparison of the melodies below. What do you think?


Source: allkpop

Article by: Mana

Edited by: Karolina

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