Warning :Prepare your tissues

Allkpop:You and I is produced by none other than Teddy, who in the past has produced hit songs Lollipop, Fire, I Don't Care, and Kiss. This R&B/Hip-Hop track will showcase Bom's strong vocals and complimented with a high production MV, that was filmed throughout many locations in Seoul. Pictures of her MV set has been floating around the internet, and many are expecting the MV to involve a sad, dramatic, boy drama.

This song has an R&B feeling and compliments her voice.There are some english parts too. :),personally i like this song.Stay tune for her Music Video !

You and I together ~ It just feel so right ~

This is a sad song Lol, eventhough some of the lyrics is in korean and i dont understand it,the tone is can hear it in the song.

The music Video is so sad, It will make you laugh and make you cry at the same time.How touching.Bom's BF is sick, and bom is trying to spend all her time tgt with him,smiling and such doing things for him to cherish the remaining time together.The video concept is kinda colourful and bubbly but at the same time sad and touching.
Video Credits:skn2ne1 &YGladies
2ne1AudioPark bom

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