On May 31st, CNBLUE visited Melbourne to hold their “2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Melbourne.”Asian Pop Radio and the team here at KMUSIC were given the ONLY chance to interview the boys prior to their performance.

Asian Pop Radio: What has been the most memorable moment for you since your first concert of the world tour and can you please share a funny or unique moment with us today? 

Yonghwa: In Korea we had a concert once and 90% of the audience refused to leave after the concert. So we had to give a second encore.


KMUSIC: This is your second time having a concert in Australia. How do you feel about visiting us once again?

Jungshin: We came here in 2011 and we performed in Sydney for the first time as a part of the K-Pop concert. We really liked it here and we are glad to perform our concert here for the first time.

KMUSIC and Asian Pop Radio: Thank you! 


Asian Pop Radio: Do you have a special message for your Aussie fans? 

Jungshin: (in English) Aussie fans~

Asian Pop Radio: Aussie! Aussie! 

Minhyuk: We originally planned to have one concert in Sydney but, because of all the fans in Melbourne and Southern Australia, we decided to have another concert in Melbourne and we really liked it here. We’re glad we’re performing in Melbourne. 

Jungshin: Yeah~


KMUSIC: How do you feel about being the first K-Pop band holding a world tour?

Yonghwa: (in English) very happy~ 

Jungshin: (in English) awesome?

Yonghwa: (in English) Awesome! Fantastic!

Jungshin: (in English) Fan-ta-stic!


Asian Pop Radio: Do you know any Australian musicians?

Yonghwa: AC/DC. (In English) We’re big fans.


KMUSIC: Most Korean groups do solo projects, but CNBLUE don’t. Is there a reason why?

Yonghwa: We’re a band so it’s a little bit hard to work individually and we like performing live so we like to stick with a group.

Jungshin: We prefer to perform in a group instead of individual concerts because we think it will make a group effect.

Yonghwa: (in English) Really? Wow! Peace out!


Asian Pop Radio: Maybe you can busk in Melbourne? After the concert?

Yonghwa: (in English) Yes!~

Jungshin: (in English) Yes! 

Yonghwa: (in English) Very nice!

Jonghyun: We’re really positive. 

Jungshin: We stayed the night yesterday and we were walking around he apartments. They were looking around and they really liked Melbourne and we really like to walk in the city.


Asian Pop Radio: Can you please tell us your favorite CNBLUE’s songs? Each of you?

Jungshin: I like all of the CNBLUE’s songs and I have many favorites but the most favorite is the most recent song “I’m Sorry.(singing) “I’m sorry~.”

Asian Pop Radio: For me – “Hey You.”

KMUSIC: My favorite is “Love Girl” because I have the poster of you too and I wish you were here.

Yonghwa: (in English) Thank you girl! I love you girl! 

Asian Pop Radio: What about me?!

Yonghwa: (in English) I love you boy!


Asian Pop Radio: I heard that you’re going to donate fundraise in your world tour to the school, the CNBLUE SCHOOL and also profits from your song you wrote for the school, the anthem. How did you come to this decision?

Yonghwa: We were inspired when we went to a region in Africa called Burkina Faso. We saw the starvation and the lack of courage in children and we decided we might contribute the courage to them and we wanted to spread our courage to the children.


KMUSIC: Could you please let your Australian fans know how to participate in your charitable work?

Minhyuk and Yonghwa: The best thing would be coming to our concert. There’s a lot of charity work going around. As we said before, some profits from the concerts go to the charity. If you go visit our website, there’s a lot of information on how you can participate and contribute to that courage. The most important thing is everyone’s interest in it.


Asian Pop Radio: Where do you see yourself, as individuals, and also together as the group, in five years from now?

Yonghwa: We wish to perform at bigger concert areas. Maybe in five years we’ll have our own flights to go on world tour again.

Asian Pop Radio: Sounds good.


Asian Pop Radio: Thank you very much for joining us today for an interview for Asian Pop Radio Australia and also KMUSIC. We thank you for coming to Melbourne, it’s very exciting for Melbourne fans to have such an amazing group here. We wish you all the best and look forward to your show. 

KMUSIC: Cheongmal kamsahamnida~

Yonghwa: (in English) Thank you very much! 


We would like to give a special thanks to JK Entertainment for allowing us access!


Article by: Karolina


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