Dear DKP readers,we are looking some new contributors to join our team and you might be the person we are looking for!

We are seriously outnumbered at the time being as many of our contributors can't be as active as usual since school reopened recently.So we need your help to maintain the updates of the blog.

I know that long term maintenance of a site can be tiring sometimes but what if you only have to spend one hour to post daily???

I guess most of you spend more than 1 hour online daily right?Of course there are other conditions required if you are interested to become one of our team member!

Check out the conditions below:
1.)You have to know the way of quick updates.
2.)Good command of english
3.)Must have a account and know how to post nicely using blogger.
4.)Online daily
5.)Must be active on Twitter!

* We will giveaway some KPOP CDs to those dedicated authors!

Fill in the form below to apply
Active Time (For example from 6PM to 9PM etc):
KPop sources (Besides DKPOPNEWS):
Twitter Link (exp @dkpopnews):

Copy and send in your application form to

Please make sure that you are serious about it when you apply!
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