Dear visitors,i know that the old affliations system of our blog is terrible as we rarely have time to update that page from time to time.

To solve the terrible affliations system of our blog,i have decided to introduce a new way of affliating other K Pop related websites,blogs and forums.

As you can see on the right sidebar of our blog,there is a new corner with the title "DKP's Friends",the way to get linked to our blog is easy,some simple conditions to be fulfilled as shown below.

1)Your blog,website and forum must be K Pop related.
2)You must link us 1st before we link you.
3)Our link must appear on the homepage of your site.

Fill in the form below and post it on the comment box if you are interested to be linked with us,the sequence of your site to appear on the blogroll will go according to your site's name!

Affliations Form
Site's Name:
Site's URL:

We still dont have any affliation buttons for our blog yet,if you are interested to make us a small button,you can use the logo shown above,just leave the link of the buttons on the comment box,we really appreciate your kindness!

You can use it if you find that it is fine for you!

Note:We will only update this page on Saturday and Sunday!
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