Who would have thought that a successful and talented actress, Soo Ae, almost became a member of a girl group!

The actress was featured on the recent episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” where a reporter mentioned that she took on the role of a singer for a movie titled “Someone Dear Is Far Away” and revealed that she almost became a part of a girl group.

Soo Ae admitted that, and commented, “I was a trainee preparing to debut with a girl group before I made my official acting debut. I was in charge of rap. I don’t have talent for singing or dancing at the time- now as well. But, at that time, I thought that I could get better in rap and dance with a lot of effort. So I was determined and practiced a lot.”

Then the reported asked, “So, if you practice a lot, do you get better?” She laughed, and honestly answered, “No. I’ve learned that there are things that can’t be achieved even with a lot of practice.”

The reported, full of curiosity, asked, “What if you prepared to debut during this generation of girl groups?” Soo Ae replied, “I would probably would have been in the news for poor performance. For not being able to do this or that.”

Do you think she could be a successful member of a girl group?



Source: soompi

Article by: Karolina

Edited by: Alona

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