4minute will be returning to the one and only Sydney, Australia for their first solo concert!

4minute Party Rock Concert‘ will be held at Metro Theatre Sydney on Sunday, the 1st of September. A little over 1,000 people can watch the girls perform starting at 7 PM along with special guest performers such as New KO, DJ FILI. This whole thing was organized and will be presented by JK Entertainment! Media-Asia (Rong Bao Tang) sponsors this whole event with media partners like WaiWai, The One, and SBS POPASIA covering the entire thing!

Last time they came, it was for the ‘K-Pop Music Festival’ back in 2011. This time, they will be holding their first solo concert in Australia. The girls made their comeback with two singles ‘What’s Your Name’  and ‘Is it Poppin’ and will most likely be performing that at their private party on September 1st!

Many of you know that HyunA, the face of the group, co-starred in PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ that got over 1.7 billion views. She will be there without a doubt making sure everything will run well with the rest of the members.

Since there are only 1,000 seats available for fans, make sure to get your tickets quick before they sell out. Tickets started being sold on Monday, August 12th at Media Asia Outlet located in both Chinatown, Sydney and Melbourne. Also, tickets will be sold at the ticketek website.

If you want to buy tickets, click here!

For more information:http://www.jkent.com.au/4minute

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/JKEntertainmentAU

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/#!/JkEnt_AU


Any inquires about this concert, contact JK Entertainment
(02) 9808 1409

(02) 9808 1490

or email to helen@jkent.com.au

or miji@jkent.com.au


Article by: Mana

Edited by: Karolina

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