We had a lot of big comebacks this past week and TV music shows are now star-packed with artists promoting their new songs.

The group includes 2NE1 and ZE:A who have released their new music videos this week. Both groups met on the recent episode of ‘Music Bank’ and took a photo together that shows ZE:A’s support for 2NE1’s ‘Do You Love Me?’

2NE1’s Dara and Park Bom as well as ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Siwan posed together and created wordL O V E with their fingers. Together with the photo, Dara wrote on her Twitter, “SsangPark & Kwang Park together, Do You Love Me ~!!! L O V E !!!”

ZE:A has recently made a highly-anticipated comeback as a whole group with new mini album ‘Illusion‘ and its title song ‘Ghost of the Wind’ while 2NE1 are now promoting their next song ‘Do You Love Me?’



Source: Dara’s Twitter

Article by: Karolina

Edited by: KareBare

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