Show! Music Core - November 7, 2009 @ 4:20 KST.
MC's - Yuri & Tiffany

♬ Comeback Stage
- K.Will『Miss, Miss and Miss』

♬ New Song
- Brown Eyed Girls『Sign』
- f(x)『Chu~♡』
- FT.triple『Love Letter』

♬ Hot Stage
- SS501『Love Like This』
- 4Mnute『What A Girl Wants』

♬ Trendy Sound
- MBLAQ『Oh Yeah』
- BEAST『Bad Girl』
- Secret『I Want You Back』

♬ Beat & Beat
- Hwanhee『Because I Miss Your Heart』
- See Ya『His Voice』

♬ Happy Sound
- Mighty Mouth (feat.Secret Ji Eun)『Smile』
- Gary Gold Smith『My Love Celebrity』
- Yoo Seung Chan『Romantic Comedy』

♬ Power Stage
- Maya (feat.빅죠)『Proud』
- RUN『Strong Girl』
- Mina『Doh Doh』

Performers list credits to Music Core Thread @ Soompi!

We are still updating,will post up more videos,so please stay with us!

SS501 "Love Like This"

SEE Ya "His Voice"

BEG with Sign!

BEAST with Bad Girl

MBLAQ with Oh Yeah!

f(x) with Chu!

4Minute with What A Girl Wants

K.Will's Comeback

FT Triple Love Letter

Mighty Mouth Smile

Secret with I Want You Back

Maya ft. Big Joe - Majestic

Run - She's Strong

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