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‘The Dude in Me’ tells a hilarious story about the importance of family

Posted by Lindsay on

The Dude in Me‘ was the first movie shown on day six of KOFFIA 2019.

Director: Kang Hyo-jin

Cast: Park Sung-woong, Jin-young, Ra Mi-ran

Genre: Comedy

The Dude in Me‘ is not your typical body-switching film. In this movie, a boy and a man switch bodies in a freak accident and have to learn how to navigate life in their new environments. Their personalities could not be more different – the young boy is extremely shy while the older man is bad-ass. The ways in which they adapt to their new bodies and lifestyles can be seen as inspiring as a man in his 40s adopts this teenage body. He beats up bullies and works out to present himself better. If that doesn’t provide enough motivation to watch this movie, the boy is played by B1A4‘s Jinyoung. He even gets a major makeover in the film!

The love triangle – more like a love square – was absolutely hilarious. Due to the age differences and all the inter-connected relationships, many misunderstandings ensued. The audience really sees how family and love are so important in life. Luckily, it all worked out in the end, but at huge costs (like two near-death experiences). The older man, who is initially seen as stuck-up and snobby, totally changes after he adopts Jinyoung‘s body. He learns how to make sacrifices and ultimately live a better life, with the help of this teenage boy.

Of course, ‘The Dude in Me‘ isn’t just comedic gold. The film does have its fair share of action-packed scenes, which involve lots of physical fights and threats. The characters go through a lot in this movie, and it was really interesting to see how their stories unfolded, considering their past. If you’re looking for a funny movie coupled with action and the good guy beating the bad guys, you have come to the right place.

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